Who will die in the home store?

Some people say that the traditional department store industry is planted in the hands of "e-commerce", but some insiders believe that this is only the appearance, the main cause of the problem, "homogeneity" is the main reason why the department store industry gradually loses competitiveness. In fact, there are such problems in home stores. In the home of the home, Red Star Macalline can buy the furniture brand, in the blue Jingli home, Chengwaicheng, Jimei home can also see, the actual home provides the first payment, no reason to return and other service commitments, in Other stores can also enjoy. It seems that the only difference is only reflected in the shopping environment, and this depends largely on the distance between the time of the store construction. As the store continues to upgrade and upgrade, this difference will be weakened in the future.

Fortunately for the department store industry, the current "e-commerce" in the home furnishing industry has not yet reached a climate.

Most home furnishing companies rely more on agents for all-cause development, because the distribution, installation and after-sales of products are handled by local agents, while product sales rely mainly on traditional channels. Due to the deterrent of the store, considering the interests of the protection agents, manufacturers often guarantee the same price on the line and offline. Losing the price advantage, "e-commerce" is more like a chicken rib for home manufacturers.

But what will happen to the home "e-commerce" in the future, no one dares to assert. If home stores want to remain attractive, they must give consumers a reason to go, and brands are often the key to success.

In the view of interior designer Da Yong, international first-line brands will never be affected by “e-commerce”.

“Shopping in a luxury store is to enjoy that process.” Da Yong said that in the process of shopping, the humble and professional service of the shopping guide can bring him satisfaction, and this satisfaction can not be realized in the online world. of.

Because of this, even in the long run, international first-line brands must be the “reserved land” of home stores. More importantly, this piece of “self-retained land” is often exclusive.

The products sold by international first-line home brands are tens of thousands of yuan, some even reach tens of dollars and millions of yuan, and the funds for investing in a store are often attached to the order of tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, an agent often does not The area has invested in too many stores. In this case, as long as the store first signs the brand, it will seize the business opportunity.

However, the current imported home market is still in the primary stage of development, and there are many irregular operating behaviors, which also adds risk to the store.

“Out of the distrust of the Chinese market, many international furniture brands do not recognize the concept of 'exclusive agency', they often hand over the products to multiple domestic agents to operate.” An import furniture agent who asked not to be named The business said that because of the chaotic channels, there are many irregular behaviors in the domestic imported furniture sector.

Non-standard market behavior will increase the risk of circulation enterprises. A person in the department store industry said that if the home store wants to reduce the risk, it can only rely on its own eyes.

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