Toilets themselves, it is not a thing!

Need to change the toilet at home, is it necessary to spend money to install the workers? No, today, Xiaobian teaches you to install a toilet. It must be learned. Oh, it's a skill! Step 1: Before comprehensively inspecting the toilet installation, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the sewage pipeline to see if there is any blockage of debris, waste paper and other debris in the pipeline, and check the position of the toilet before and after the installation of the ground. Whether it is horizontal or not, let the drain be 2mm-5mm above the ground. Step2: Sewage Before confirming the installation of the toilet, it is necessary to confirm the center of the sewage pipe first. The confirmation method is to turn the toilet upside down, then determine the center on the sewage outlet of the toilet, and at the same time, draw a cross centerline at the center, and the cross center line It will extend to the bottom of the toilet and around the feet. Step3: Beginning to install the water outlet requires the installer to handle the leveling. The bottom of the toilet shall be installed with a special flange for the toilet, or the glass glue shall be applied evenly with the water outlet. The bottom of the toilet shall be filled with glue, and the gap between the toilet and the wall shall be uniform. Place it upright and steady. Step4: Prepare toilet seats in place and ask for water ingress without water leakage, correct water level, smooth scouring, flexible switch, and stable lid. Now generally do not install anchor bolts. If the anchor bolt is installed, apply a special sealant evenly at the outer 2CM of the toilet drain outlet. Step5: When fixing the toilet, when fixing the toilet, you should first align the reticle with the floor drain outlet on the toilet to ensure that the toilet is installed horizontally and then firmly press the sealing ring. Finally, the screws and decorative caps of the floor can be installed. . Step6: After the bottom seal is fixed to the toilet, a special sealing ring should be installed on the sewage outlet of the toilet, or a circle of glass glue (putty) or cement mortar should be coated around, and the ratio of cement to sand is 1: 3, the curing time is generally 24 hours. Step7: Before installing the accessories of the water tank to install the water tank, you should put 3-5 minutes of water to flush the pipe. After the water pipe is cleaned, the angle valve and the connecting hose are installed, and the hose is connected to the installed water tank fitting and the water source is also pressed. Step8: Commissioning After checking the installation of the toilet, it is necessary to check the toilet, check whether the inlet valve and the seal are normal, and whether the position of the drainage valve is flexible, whether there will be jamming and leakage, and whether That is, there is no filter installed in the inlet valve. The installation steps have been broadcast live, is not very detailed, I believe that as long as you seriously learn to learn, come on.

Toilet toilet installation

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