The Sixth Institute of China National Machinery Corporation organized a safety production month fire safety knowledge training seminar

Abstract According to the 2014 "Safety Month" campaign plan, the sixth of Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Limited recently in a new office building large conference room on the sixth floor organized fire safety training seminars, each department a total of 171 people participated in this. ..
According to the 2014 “Safe Production Month” activity plan, the Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry recently organized a fire safety knowledge training lecture in the conference room on the sixth floor of the new office building. A total of 171 people from all departments participated in the training.

This fire safety knowledge training seminar aims to enhance employees' fire safety concept, improve fire prevention awareness, acquire necessary fire safety knowledge and skills, familiarize with the correct use of common fire equipment, prevent safety accidents, and ensure the safety of employees and property. .

The lecturer from Henan Fire Protection Association, the importance of “prevention first” from fire safety, the fire safety hazard that is easy to cause fire, the correct use of electrical facilities, the discovery of fire emergency, the fire escape self-rescue skills, fire extinguishers and defense The use of smoke masks, common knowledge of fire emergency evacuation, and necessary fire extinguishing equipment for families have been explained in detail in the actual scenes and videos of fire scenes.

During the presentation, Mr. Hao personally demonstrated the wearing of the smoke mask, the use of common types of fire extinguishers, and interacted with the trainers to enable the trainees to quickly and accurately master the use of fire equipment.

This fire safety knowledge training further popularized fire safety knowledge, conveyed the concept of “prevention first” of fire safety, strengthened employees' awareness of fire safety and self-protection, and improved employees' self-protection ability.

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