The contents and points of the stone conservation center

Articles on stone conservation are common because stone does not change with the use of people. Stone is a natural and environmentally friendly decorative material. Its color is bright and luxurious, so its maintenance is especially important.

The contents of stone conservation mainly include the following aspects:

1, cleaning the ground

Use a multi-purpose scrubber to clean with cleaning tools and chemicals such as vacuum cleaners and stone washing water. Articles on stone conservation are common because stone does not change with the use of people. Key points: Stone floor should avoid moisture, avoid using acid, strong alkali, avoid grease. Water-based primer wax must be applied to close the gap of the fine emblem and improve the fastness. Water-based polishing wax should be used for daily cleaning and maintenance. Avoid rubbing with rough things to avoid permanent damage. Avoid using sand or powder cleaner.

2, stone waxing

Use a professional waxing machine with high-grade stone care wax to wax the stone. If you don't pay attention to waxing, it is possible to directly pollute the stone: wax water containing coloring materials may cause stone pollution. Waxing may cause yellowing on the stone surface for a long time. Water-based wax may contain acid and alkali substances, and should be used in stone. In addition to special conditions during the maintenance process.

3, stone polishing

Polished with a high-speed polisher for a smooth, bright finish. The polishing effect of stone depends on two aspects: one is that the polishing technology used is the external cause of “the day after tomorrow”; the second is that the stone itself has the “innate” internal cause. The type of polishing agent, polishing liquid (paste), polishing disc (with grinding, grinding block), polishing process parameters, quality of the previous process and the roughness of the stone surface, these points directly affect the polishing effect, during the polishing process Find experienced people and learn about their own stone to choose a polishing agent.

4, stone joints:

Using the caulking agent, the gap between the adjacent stones is filled with the same color, so that the stone can achieve the effect of one body and increase the beauty of the stone.

5, stone lesion treatment:

The main lesions of stone are stains caused by oil stains, water stains, coffee stains and other colored stains infiltrating into the stone. The treatment of the lesions is to use professional agents to remove the stains, so that the stone restores its true color. Different stone disease treatment methods are different, and it is necessary to select the corresponding stone medicine for stone conservation according to the cause of the disease.

6, stone waterproof:

Use stone special waterproofing agent for stone protection to prevent water stains, stains, oil stains and colored stains from penetrating into the stone to cause lesions. Stone waterproofing is a liquid specially used to protect stone, mainly composed of solute (active ingredient), solvent (diluent) and a small amount of additives.

7, stone renovation:

Stones that are polluted or damaged, such as uneven stone surface, deep scratches, deep stains, etc., use imported stone refurbished machines with multiple sets of different grinding discs and grinding discs, from coarse to fine, for multiple grinding and polishing, making stone Restore its original appearance on the basis of the original.

8, crystal hardening treatment:

After the stone is used for several years, the surface will age, which will seriously affect the appearance. The crystal surface hardening treatment is to grind the grinding agent to chemically react with the calcium component in the stone to form a new layer of crystallized material on the surface of the stone. To prevent the stain from infiltrating into the inner layer of the stone, enhance the anti-wear property, and make the stone reflect the natural luster to achieve a certain hardness and brightness.

Note: It is generally not recommended to wax the stone, because waxing will destroy the permeability of the stone, long-term waxing will also cause stone disease. It is generally recommended to crystallize, which is currently the most ideal stone surface treatment.

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