Solid wood flooring ring solution these skills must know

The installation of solid wood flooring is the preferred choice for many home floor installations. However, some homeowners have reported that after the installation of solid wood flooring, there are loud noises. The reasons and solutions for the sound of solid wood flooring are explained in detail below.

The reason of solid wood floor ringing and solutions

1, uneven ground

The sound caused by the unevenness of the installation of solid wood flooring is very common. It is mainly due to the lack of leveling during the installation of solid wood flooring, the generation of suspension between the floor and the keel, or the absence of cushions in the wood keel. These are caused by the installation of solid wood flooring. The reason for the above movement will be audible. The solution to this situation is that if it is a small part, it can improve the penetration of essential oils on the floor. If it is a large area, it is recommended to remove the heavy equipment.

2, keel dryness difference

Some manufacturers produce keel piled before drying, resulting in a large difference in the moisture content of the wood keel, so even in the installation process of the floor, the installation worker will level the wooden keel, floor noise after the installation of the floor does not appear, but in the After a period of use, the wooden keel will lose its balance due to changes in the moisture content, resulting in floor noise. To avoid this situation, the wooden keel should be placed in the room for a week before the floor is installed. This can effectively reduce the occurrence of this situation.

3, keel loose

Some workers in the solid wood floor installation construction with a wooden wedge and nail fixing method, will cause the wooden wedge and the nail contact surface is too small, so that the nail holding power is insufficient, can easily cause loose keel, when stepping on the floor There will be noise. This requires discussion with the construction engineer before the installation of the solid wood floor, and a better choice of keel fixation.

4, lack of floor gap

Everyone knows that the installation of wooden floor is enough to reserve gaps, otherwise the solid wood floor expansion process produces a slight arch that is difficult to observe with the naked eye, so that there is already a gap between the solid wood floor and the keel, so when walking Shaking up and down the solid wood floor will produce a sound of friction. The occurrence of this kind of noise is also very common, so it is necessary to reserve enough gaps during installation. If this happens, do not rush to refurbish the reloading. Generally, you can first look at the dampness of solid wood flooring. The effect is that if the solid wood floor is seriously deformed after being exposed to moisture, the tightly pressed state of the solid wood floor will no longer make a sound.

5, moisture-proof membrane did not pad up

When the solid wood floor is installed, the damp-proof film is not lifted by the cushion, the moisture on the ground will fall into the back of the solid wood floor, and the solid wood floor will cause slight warping and distortion. On the top of the keel, the solid wood floor is like a seesaw, and when the people walk, the sound will appear. This kind of noise is generally difficult to maintain. The best way is to reinstall it.

How to avoid the sound of solid wood floor

1, before the installation of earthworms are generally used 12mm drill hammer drill hole, then wooden box at least 18-20mm above the square wood Morinda is only useful, can not easily hit the hole to go, a few days a wooden shit a dry shrinkage Just

2. The material of the rammedger is harder than that of the earthworm and the hard shrinkage of the wood is small. The worm does not easily pull up the rammer and maintain its stability;

3. Some rooms have a floor level difference of several centimeters. At this time, the master carpenter will put some knife-shaped corks or plywoods under the ground dragon to ensure the level of the ground dragon. Don't forget to raise the floor height by 2.5. Above the centimeter between the earth dragons, short dragons must be fixed with each other to prevent the earth dragons from swinging around to ensure that the earth dragons are firm and firm;

4, when installing solid wood floor drilling, the aperture must be smaller than the floor nails, so that the floor before eating nails;

5, the wall is set aside more than 1 cm above the floor contraction joints, in order to avoid climate change or floor moisture content does not match the expansion of the arch, which most people know.

Summary: The above is the content of the solid wood floor ringing solution introduced by Xiao Bian for everyone. Did the small partners know? I hope you can effectively help everyone, more information, please pay attention to this site.

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