Shenzhen photovoltaic glass industry develops rapidly

Shenzhen photovoltaic glass industry develops rapidly

From the 2014 annual meeting of the National Technical Committee of Building Glass Standardization Technical Committee held in Shenzhen in recent days, it was learned that under the encouragement of the national policy, the photovoltaic industry in China has been gradually rejuvenated through the improvement of product quality through standards. In Shenzhen, the photovoltaic glass industry is developing rapidly.

In order to guide China's PV companies out of the predicament, China has introduced a number of policies. After more than two years of industrial downturn, the photovoltaic market has gradually recovered. Shenzhen is the earliest and most developed city in the solar energy industry. At present, many domestic solar energy production enterprises have set Shenzhen as their center for business development in South China and even Southeast Asia. They have set up offices and headquarters in Shenzhen. Many foreign solar companies also regard Shenzhen as the first station to enter the Chinese market, and have set up branch offices and even headquarters in China.

In July of this year, the monthly production capacity of ultra-white rolling glass, an important product of domestic photovoltaic glass, reached an average daily capacity of 12,000 tons. Shenzhen's products have played a major role. At present, the Shenzhen Municipal Government has launched a city demonstration of renewable energy applications and implemented a solar roof plan, which further promoted the development of the solar photovoltaic glass industry in Shenzhen. In Shenzhen alone, there are already more than 60 companies engaged in photovoltaic glass-related industries. Some of these companies have been successfully listed, and their industrial scale and technology are at the leading level in the world.

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