Shenyang Dafang pump SDV multilevel level in the pump manufacturing and testing

SDV multi-level level in the pump is one of Shenyang Dafang Pump Co., Ltd. one of the main products, the pump equipment and spare parts all by SI system (International System) for manufacturing. The following is about Shenyang Dafang pump SDV multi-level pump in the manufacturing and testing of the introduction. Shenyang Dafang Pump SDV multi-level level in the open pump manufacturing and inspection ①. The major components with the precision, surface finish, dimensional tolerances, over-current parts casting size deviation, the implementation of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or China Standard (GB). ②. Pumps according to ISO9001 standards to implement the entire process of quality control. ③ pump pump housing, impeller, pump shaft, bearing the load important, the key components of the material, are tested for chemical composition and mechanical properties. ④ Each pump at 1.5 times the maximum working pressure hydrostatic pressure measurement. ⑤. The main rotating parts alone static balance G6.3 level, and after the assembly rotor assembly balancing test accuracy G2.5 level. Read more: Pumps Valves Pipe Fittings Exhibitions Water Expo Xiamen Maritime Exhibition Internet + Forum Yiwu Expo Fair Mold Top Ten Brands Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. Asia Pump Network Editor: He Duanhui (QQ / WeChat:) (service hotline:)

Vulcanizing agent can make the rubber linear molecular into a three-dimensional network structure and mechanism through the vulcanizing agent of [bridging", so significantly improved the rubber mechanical and physical properties of rubber.

Ningbo Actmix produces a variety of Rubber Vulcanizing Agent. Our regular vulcanizing agent Actmix®S-80, Actmix®IS60-75, choose high quality powder, and filtered 80 mesh, with excellent dispersion for automotive rubber technical parts. Non-sulfur odor curing agent Actmix®CLD-80 , doesn't form N-nitrosamine, can substitute for Actmix®DTDM-80. Actmix®HMDC-70 & Actmix®TM-70 can be used for AEM/ACM as vulcanizing agent. Actmix®HVA-2-75(PDM-75) is a sulphur-free vulcanization agent, can be used for rubber cable, solve the copper wires due to exposure to sulfur vulcanizing agent generated black copper sulfide pollution problems.

Rubber Vulcanizing Agent

Rubber Vulcanizing Agent,Pre-dispersed Rubber Vulcanization,Rubber Vulcanization DTDM-80,EPDM-bound Rubber Vulcanization

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