Sales of safety hammers soared by 599%

After the heavy rain in Beijing, how to escape from the window of a critical situation to generate a hot topic of the majority of owners, "car safety hammer" has become the hottest keyword search on the Internet, sales surge.

“The sales volume of vehicle safety hammers for these two days increased by 598% month-on-month, and search volume increased by 1712% month-on-month.” Yesterday, Zhou Yulei, a staff member of the public relations department of a well-known online shopping site, told reporters that among them, the largest number of purchases in the Beijing area was the purchase of security within three days. Hammer users up to 1080 people. "Yangzhou has more than 200 purchases."

In addition to the safety hammer, sales of other related products also increased significantly. According to statistics from China's largest shopping search network, the top five search rankings in the past three days were lifesaving flashlights, security hammers, multi-function keychains, lifeguard whistle, and first aid kits.

"Of course I don't want to use it, but I want to buy one in the car for emergency use. At least I feel at ease." Seeing the news of the Beijing driver's death in the car after the heavy rain, Yangzhou's private car owner Yin quickly bought two A multi-functional safety hammer.

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