Load and stress changes on components during NTN bearing operation

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Load and stress changes on components during NTN bearing operation

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-06-19

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The selected ntn bearing; whether it is satisfactory to depict the restraint; is it the optimal selection plan; it is also required for further inspection (or check). It is necessary to know the load and stress of the relevant components during the bearing operation. The situation and the satisfaction of the depiction of the bond. This is the primary problem to be considered when conducting the check.
Practice has proved; there is proper smoothness and sealing; when the device and protection conditions are normal; most of the ntn bearings roll due to the rolling body along the ferrule; the changing touch stress occurs in the surface of the object touched by each other; after a certain number of cycles; This stress causes microscopic cracks that are not formed deep under the surface layer. The microscopic cracks are caused by the cracking of the smooth oil entering the gap. Under the effect of excessive static load and impact load; uneven plastic deformation pit on the rolling body or ferrule raceway. This situation occurs in bearings with extremely low speed or sway. The ntn bearing is unreliable in sealing and many When working under dusty working conditions; easy to wear abrasive particles. Usually between the rolling body and the ferrule; especially between the rolling body and the cage; if it is not smooth; when the heat is severe; may make the roll Tempering; even the occurrence of gluing wear. The higher the speed, the more severe the wear. Others because of abnormal equipment, disassembly and operation will also cause damage to the ntn bearing components and other damage; this should be avoided.
The description of the satisfaction of the check is mainly to avoid bearing failure; to ensure that the ntn bearing can work normally within the regular period. Usually; the main failure mode of the bearing under different working conditions is different. The bearing about medium speed operation; The main failure mode is fatigue pitting; the depiction of restraint is to ensure that the bearing has a satisfactory fatigue life; it should be checked according to the fatigue life, about high-speed bearings; because of the high fever; frequent episodes of excessive wear and burns; Bearings have a satisfactory fatigue life; they should also be restrained from rotating beyond the limit; that is, in addition to the life-cycle accounting; check the limit speed, ntn bearings with no transition or very low speed; The failure mode is excessive plastic deformation; the depiction of restraint is to avoid excessive plastic deformation; the static strength check is required.
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