Knowledge of Building Materials: Advantages and Disadvantages of Cabinet Types

There are many kinds of countertops in the kitchen, including natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, and stainless steel. They all have the basic properties of anti-fouling, anti-hot, anti-acid, anti-scratch and other countertop materials, but their physical properties and price are different. Natural stone includes a variety of patterns of granite, marble, it is hard texture, scratch resistance is very prominent, feel cold. More commonly used are black flowers and white flowers, but only in terms of white marble, their antifouling properties are slightly insufficient. The natural stone is denser and requires strong cabinet support, and it is harder and less elastic. In the event of a heavy blow, cracks can occur and it is difficult to repair. The cost varies depending on the color of the flower. The most commonly used price ranges from 200 yuan to one meter, which is the most economical type of countertop material.

Natural stone countertops advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: natural stone has a good density, hardness, wear and other advantages. However, due to its very hard and insufficient elasticity, cracks may occur in case of a heavy blow, and its crevices are prone to bacterial growth.

Disadvantages: 1. Natural stone has pores, easy to accumulate greasy dirt; 2. Natural stone is short, two pieces can't blend together, the gap is easy to breed bacteria; 3. The density of natural stone is bigger, need strong cabinet support; Although the texture is hard However, due to lack of elasticity, cracks will occur in case of a heavy blow, and it will be difficult to repair. Some invisible natural cracks may also crack when the temperature changes rapidly. Natural marble is brittle and cannot be used to make tabletops with a width of more than 1 meter.

The advantages and disadvantages of countertops in artificial stone cabinets

Advantages: Artificial stone and natural stone, compared to it does not contain some harmful radioactive elements of human health, color is more abundant, the overall shape, no traces by the seam, and can be repeatedly polished renovation.

Disadvantages: Insufficient strength, easy to break (repairable)

Fire cabinet countertop features

Advantages: Fireproof board countertops have the advantages of anti-fouling, anti-scratch, anti-hot, anti-acid and alkaline resistance, and can be integrated with the cabinet.

Disadvantages: The countertop is easily eroded by water and moisture. Improper use can lead to serious consequences of degumming, deformation, and substrate expansion.

The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel countertops

Stainless steel table is strong, never crack, easy to clean, strong practicality, but its high cost, difficult to change, with the surrounding environment is not easy to match so less use.

Disadvantages: The visual sensation is hard and gives a feeling of coldness. The corners and the joints on the countertops of the cupboard also lack a reasonable and effective treatment. Once the table is damaged by a sharp weapon, it will leave irretrievable traces. It is also easy to hide dirt in these fine scratches. Always pay special attention to the surface of the scratch. At present, most of the stainless steel countertops in China are prone to oxidation, and there is a big gap between similar imported products. The imported products have higher prices.

How to choose different cabinet surface material

If the cabinet length is more than 2.4m, it is best to use artificial stone countertops, because the splicing can be seamless; if you pay attention to practicality and like the modern metal effect, stainless steel table is the right choice; if more emphasis on economy, fire board is the most suitable s Choice.

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