Key points in selecting anti-theft alarm system

1. Good system reliability
The anti-theft alarm system needs to use the intelligent network special protocol transmission, full digital and bus communication, with the most concise and flexible system architecture, which is convenient for design, construction, use, management and maintenance, can reliably apply various environments, and transmit in multiple modes , Authenticity review, anti-vandalism design, system interoperability, network monitoring and other aspects are in the leading position in the industry. The configuration of the alarm system is flexible and diverse, generally divided into three categories: independent alarm, network alarm and wired and wireless matching.

2. Powerful function, easy expansion and high integration

The alarm control host has a variety of defense zone models to choose from, which is enough to meet the anti-theft alarm needs of various places such as homes, commercial outlets, buildings, communities, and so on. There are lines and construction is very convenient. Telephone alarm, easy to network, the alarm control host can alarm through the network, but more is to use the telephone network to alarm to the alarm center, without the need to install another network line, which is extremely convenient, and can use multiple telephone alarms, one phone can not dial Dial another phone to ensure the reliability of the alarm.

3. Low system cost and low operating cost

Bus wiring can be used in the small area, which can greatly reduce the cost of the system, and compared with the method of using the telephone line to alarm, the daily cost of the system is low.

4. Centralized management by security center, two-way control
The security center monitors the status of various systems in real time through software, and can control the alarm system in two directions. It can also automatically connect with the public security bureau alarm center through the security center to form a multi-level networked alarm system.

5. Large system capacity and wide applicability

The various communication modules that the system can accommodate are sufficient to meet the needs of large systems, and can be used in various buildings, residential areas and villa areas.

  6. Convenient communication method

The four-network composite digital multimedia security system in line with the trend of the times supports all mainstream universal protocols, unprecedented compatibility, open mainstream business ideas, and comprehensive information services.

In summary, the key to the application of intelligent system engineering lies in the selection of the anti-theft alarm system. It is only based on the reliability of the system, combined with high-precision digital analysis, fuzzy logic algorithm, anti-pet algorithm, full-range temperature compensation High-tech such as power consumption circuit, microwave technology, radio transmission, anti-interference technology and so on.

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