It's better to see if the bed is customized

The overall area of ​​this house is relatively small. Based on the simple and comfortable space, if you want to realize the owner's relaxed and comfortable living needs, you must make good use of every corner of the house. Therefore, the design of custom furniture is boldly used in the design plan. , Combine the bed with the window sill and the desk to design a small apartment that is bold and practical.

living room

The integrated layout of the guest and dining room is painted with gray-blue wall paint; on the basis of the small apartment layout, the gray fabric sofa is arranged in a practical and loose layout, creating a simple and generous space atmosphere, comfortable and relaxing. natural.

Half of the TV wall is knocked out and made into a wooden screen, making the living room with poor lighting more natural and bright. With the wooden TV cabinet, it presents a spacious and natural TV wall, simple, comfortable and generous.


The log minimalist dining table, the combination of a long bench and a Windsor chair, and three white chandeliers hanging above the dining table make the dining atmosphere warm and comfortable.

The wooden sideboard, and a cement basin Qin Yerong next to it, the simple layout brings a practical and artistic temperament.

With simple tableware arrangement on the table, freehand life begins.


The kitchen is made of floor tiles in the shape of a circle + white small grid wall tiles. With gray cabinets, it provides a relaxing cooking space for the host.


In the corridor, the storage and display cabinets with original wood feel are harmonious and unified with the texture of the ground. The multi-layer cabinet design combines storage and storage and display layer, which is practical and beautiful.


The custom-made bed body is combined with the window sill, bedside table and bedside wall panels into a whole design, allowing small spaces to be used exquisitely.

The customized bedside table is positioned against the wall, bringing a practical and natural sense of space. The Nordic style chandelier on top also adds a sense of literary and artistic comfort in the space.

The small space next to the bedroom is designed as a cloakroom + study, widened and heightened by the window to make a desk, while the other sides are equipped with wardrobes, making the small space more practical and exquisite.

Children's room

The space in the children’s room is very compact. The desk by the window extends to the head of the bed, and the desk top that extends to the head of the bed can serve as a bedside table. The coherent design makes this space practical and comfortable.

Simple and comfortable customized desk + Windsor chair, the bottom of the desk is left empty to allow light from the window to enter the bedroom, presenting a relaxed and natural spatial texture.


The floor of the bathroom is decorated with triangular patterned floor tiles of gray, white, and blue to create a three-dimensional picture, combined with elegant white wall tiles, wooden washbasin cabinets and circular backlit mirrors, presenting a comfortable and warm picture.

Through the folding door, the elegant white wall of the bathroom + backlit round mirror, it sets off a unique and elegant picture.

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