How to remove the agricultural machinery bolt

When various agricultural machines operate in the field, the traction resistance is large. If the maintenance is improper, it is easy to cause the traction device to be pulled and the fixing bolts to be broken. It is quite difficult to remove the bolts. Here is a way to remove the bolts:
First, remove the sludge on the surface of the bolt breakage, use the center 铳 to smash the center of the section, and then use a drill with a diameter of 6-8 mm to drill the hole at the center of the section. Note that the hole must be drilled through. After the hole is drilled, the small drill bit is removed and replaced with a drill bit of 16 mm in diameter, and the hole of the broken bolt is continuously enlarged and drilled through.
Second, take the electrode with a diameter of 3.2 mm or less, use medium and small current to weld in the bore of the broken bolt from the inside to the outside, and the part where the surfacing starts should take off half of the entire length of the bolt. When starting the surfacing, the arc should not be too long to avoid burning the outer wall of the broken bolt. After surfacing to the upper end face of the broken bolt, a cylinder of 14-16 mm in diameter and 8-10 mm in height is continuously welded.
3. After surfacing, hammer the end face with a hammer and make the broken bolt vibrate along its axial direction. Due to the heat generated by the arc and subsequent cooling, coupled with the vibration at this time, loosening between the broken bolt and the thread of the body is caused.
4. Carefully observe that when a trace of rust is leaked from the fracture after tapping, the nut of M18 can be placed on the stud of the surfacing and the two are welded together.
5. After welding, it is slightly cool. Use a plum wrench to screw it back and forth on the nut. You can also use the small hand hammer to tap the end of the nut while turning it back and forth. This will remove the broken bolt.
6. After removing the broken bolt, use a suitable wire hammer to machine the thread in the frame to remove rust and other debris in the hole. (China Encyclopedia)

 Floor Drain trap

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  • Aging-resistant: more than 50 years under proper use
  • Environment-friendly PVC-U and recycled
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Various colors are available
  • Applications: drainage system

Floor Drain

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