How to manage greenhouse pepper after planting

I. Temperature: The temperature after planting should be controlled at 27 °C -28 °C. In this range, short-term air release and dehumidification can be carried out around noon. At the same time, the mulch film should be laid as soon as possible after slow seedling, and the full coverage of the mulch film can not be achieved. Evenly spreading a layer of wheat straw in the aisle is beneficial to reduce the humidity in the shed and reduce the occurrence of diseases. At the same time, it can also play the role of loosening the soil, but the wheat straw needs to be sterilized with a small amount of carbendazim before use to avoid infectious diseases. harm.


Second, watering: Do not water water within 1 month after planting to prevent lowering the ground temperature. Deep 锄 3-4 times to facilitate ventilation and warming. The first flowering was carried out at the beginning of flowering. After the pepper is seated, it can be used to chase urea 10-15 kg, and the soil is cultivated twice. At the same time, it is forbidden to fill the water, and the bottom of the ditch will be drawn when the water is suitable.


Third, fertilization: in the application of the base fertilizer can be combined with the application of 15-15-15 content of compound fertilizer to improve soil strength. However, it is strictly prohibited to apply chemical fertilizers after rooting to protect the root system. Some vegetable farmers can apply 10 kg of seedlings after planting the vegetables , which can play the role of rooting and strong seedlings. After harvesting the pepper, chase the first fat. In the whole growth period, it is necessary to topdress 3-4 times, and each time the mu is chased urea or ternary compound fertilizer 5-10 kg. Each chase times 1 fertilizer watering 1-2 times; harvested after four bucket pepper, spraying or 0.2-0.3% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.2% urea aqueous solution can also be sprayed or harvest One other widgets Fertilizer, prevention and treatment of premature aging.


Fourth, the light: After the planting, the sunny day should be unveiled in the evening to cover the grass, so that more light, see the glare, extend the light time. Within 1 month of planting , under the premise of ensuring the temperature, in the case of continuous cloudy weather, the grass scorpion should also be removed to make it more visible.


V. Pest Control: It is necessary to investigate in time and prevent it in time. For locusts, larvae, virus diseases, root rots, and diseases, we must take precautions. Before the pepper is planted, the soil is mixed with the No. 4 to 1-2 kg / mu and then sprinkled into the colonization hole. This can control the plant after planting from the root bacteria.


Source: China Agricultural Promotion Network



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