How much do you know about the security risks of decoration?

Many friends in the decoration, more emphasis on aesthetics and practicality, ignore the most important security, which often leads to many hidden safety hazards in the home improvement, brought a lot of inconvenience to our lives, then there are What are the security risks? Today Xiaobian gave everyone a look at it, hoping to help everyone!

First, the lack of protection from the floor can easily lead to blockage

The reserved holes for drainage are relatively large, and it is necessary to pay attention to the renovation of the reserved drainage holes so that they can be matched with the floor drains bought. In order to prevent the entry of dirt, such as hair, sludge, sand, etc., the aperture of the floor drainer should be controlled between 6-8mm.

Xiao Bian reminded: During the renovation, there was no necessary protection for the floor drain and it was exposed to the outside. When the baby was playing, it was easy to drop stones or other small objects, causing blockage of the pipes. So when it comes to decoration, be sure to pay attention to this.

Second, electric shock is very dangerous

When dealing with built-in appliances, the edge should be reserved so that the appliance can be easily moved when it fails. The location of the refrigerator should not be close to the stove, while the refrigerator should not be too close to the sink to avoid leakage of the refrigerator due to spilled water.

Xiao Bian reminded: Mom and Dad, the initial decoration will have to plan to set up more power outlets in various corners of the kitchen, can reduce the risk of wires. Do not lay wires next to sinks, electric stoves or other appliances. Install leakage protection devices at the same time. Note that switches must be provided with switches and closed lids. If you have children at home, it can be very dangerous.

Third, hanging cabinet is not easy to drop

If it is a heat-insulating wall, it is necessary to use lengthened rivets to increase the stability of the hanging cabinet. In other rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, or light walls, cabinets are attached. If the pendant is placed directly on the keel, there is no problem.

Xiao Bian reminds: If you are not on the keel, you must open the wall between the keel, in the middle plus a fixed plate, the rivets fixed on the board. It is also possible to close the board directly on the wall and then make the cabinet. This is not just a baby, but our mother. Our family should pay special attention to the scene of protection. We must follow the above steps to fix the wall cabinet.

Fourth, the glass is too low for children

Use glass for decoration, or use as a glass curtain wall. If there are children in the house, glass decorations should not be used as much as possible. Be sure to place it out of reach of children.

Xiao Bian reminded: Before installing a glass curtain wall, care should be taken to ensure that the glass is edging to prevent sharp edges and injuries. It should also be tempered. When it is installed, it should be sealed at the edges, and it should be firmly bonded.

Fifth, circuit design leakage is very dangerous

The circuit design of the bathroom is best to be designed separately, and appliances with more than 3000W power will all require separate circuit control. The leakage protection device connected to each line needs to be related to the total power of the electrical equipment connected to this line and cannot be chosen at will.

Xiao Bian reminded: The bathroom wiring should be horizontal and vertical, and the circuit goes from the ceiling, electrical switches as far as possible outside the bathroom, the bathroom space of the line must be sealed waterproof and insulation treatment. If there is a socket in the bathroom, keep away from water and add a protective cover.

Sixth, balcony guardrail fall, be sure to install protective fence

When considering the safety of the balcony decoration, be sure to install a protective fence. If the window sill is too large, such as a bay window, children often stand on the window sill and the user must stand on the window sill to open the window. At this time, the height of the guardrail attached to the window sill should reach 0.9 meters. The net height of the guardrail should not be less than 1.05 meters. The net height of the guardrails in high-rise and high-rise residential buildings should not be less than 1.1 meters. Require more than 0.9 meters higher than the windowsill barrier.

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