How do residents deal with the "master key" 4 points to teach you to prevent

Comrade Editor: Recently, there have been several cases of burglary in the neighborhood where we live. All the rooms of several stolen households were overturned by thieves, their belongings were ransacked, their homes were turned over, and some households even Simmons were lifted by thieves. The occurrence of these thefts has something special: First, the thieves committed crimes between 7 and 10 pm, taking advantage of the owner ’s absence, and burglary; second, the doors and windows of the stolen people are intact, and the thieves are all Unlock tools such as "universal keys" can be burglary calmly; thirdly, thieves commit crimes more frequently, often stealing several households in a very short time.

The success of the thieves has made some residents uneasy and always worried about the safety of their property. Excuse me, what anti-theft measures should residents take? Supplementary note to Liu Zheng: After receiving the response, the reporter interviewed the relevant experts, and the other party put forward four opinions on dealing with the "universal key".

A Trial of Going Out and Closing the Doorbell to Prevent Thieves

Experts believe that the anti-theft work is inexhaustible and the primary responsibility lies with the residents. As the direct watchman of private property, the residents take effective anti-theft measures according to their own conditions, which is very effective. One is to strengthen self-prevention and prevent thieves from mastering travel laws. Before committing crimes, the thieves usually have to step on them and find unattended families to start with. And between 7 pm and 10 pm is the peak of many families going out. During this time, the thief will repeatedly step on the point to determine the target of the theft. Therefore, when living outdoors, you should try to stagger the time, do not choose to go out at the same time, so as not to let the thieves master the law. In addition, when you live outdoors, you can also take some precautions on the facility. For example, some thieves often use intercom doorbells and doorbells to test if they are at home. In this case, when they live outdoors, they can turn off the intercom doorbells to prevent thieves from trying.

Someone cross-examination

The second is to ensure safety through neighborhood watch and strengthening corridor security. Neighbors must overcome the ideology of "don't ask for everything" and "Everyone sweeps away from the door". Neighbors should actively help if they have any difficulties. When you go to work or go out, you should say hello to your neighbors and ask the other party to take care of the safety of your home to prevent theft. In addition, although some residential areas are equipped with anti-theft doors for corridors, many residents do not close the corridor doors, so that the defense line of the corridor doors is virtually useless, and thieves enter and exit the corridor, peeping up and down, such as taking the road. Experience shows that residents with high vigilance, complete anti-theft facilities, and well-managed communities generally deter thieves. If a stranger enters the community and someone cross-examines it, the thief will also weigh in and decide whether to start. Many times don't underestimate this question. With this trick, perhaps the thief would not dare to start here.

More unlocking methods and timely replacement of new locks

The third is to update anti-theft locks in a timely manner. Many users in the current community use a very common cross lock. This lock belongs to the ordinary protection level (A level), the protection function is low, and it is easy to be opened. Nowadays, most thieves use unlocking tools such as "universal keys" to open doors and burglary. In fact, the reason for unlocking the "universal key" is very simple. It is to find many turning tools such as steel wire, iron pieces, tooth molds, etc., and use some very common mechanical mechanics principles to move the lock core by clever force to achieve non-destruction Open all kinds of locks sexually and without obvious traces. Moreover, with the rapid development of science and technology, the "master key" is also constantly improving and updating. The earliest and easiest unlocking methods such as iron hooks and steel sheets require only a short practice to master the skills; but today's highly intelligent unlockers do not require any technology or skills at all, only need to be powered to generate high frequencies Vibration can unlock at will. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, the occupants should replace the high-protection level (B-level) locks that have passed the safety demonstration. When they go out, they should lock the room door. Install the camera to monitor from time to time. Fourth, the community should strengthen security measures and install cameras in some key areas and corridors to immediately grasp the security dynamics of the community. Many communities are now semi-open, and some have many entrances and exits, and some are permeable fences, making it difficult to guard against security. For the transparent fence of the community, thieves can often climb inside. If cameras are installed in some key areas and corridors, illegal intrusion can be monitored in real time. If the community lacks funds, it can be raised among the residents through legal channels, because spending money can buy security, and the residents will definitely support it. Of course, residents also have the right to care where their money is spent.

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