Formaldehyde-free textile coating printing adhesive system

Yuhui's new generation of formaldehyde-free textile coating printing adhesive system NEOVIPRINT 507 came out. In the future, textiles coated with this series of paints will be able to meet all current standard regulations. High-quality textile paint printing, which can meet the high-speed stability and high-quality work of printing equipment, super soft hand feeling comparable to dye printing, high friction and washing fastness. At present, in the field of international textile printing, formaldehyde is widely used as a cross-linking agent in the textile industry. Most paint printing adhesives on the market contain a large amount of formaldehyde, and some paint printing adhesives that claim to contain no formaldehyde have their fastness. Also greatly discounted. As global environmental requirements continue to increase, the application of formaldehyde is increasingly restricted. The standard formaldehyde content of infants in the OEKO-TEX standard has been required to be less than 16 ppm. This requirement greatly increases the quality claim risk of printed products and becomes a great hidden danger for paint printing products, especially baby products. Based on the above reasons, Yuhui has developed a new formaldehyde-free paint printing adhesive NEOVIPRINT 507 and thickener. It does not need to add any cross-linking ingredients during use . The hand feel and fastness are better than those used in the market. Formaldehyde-containing products. Product safety and environmentally friendly performance are the basic principles of Yuhui's development of products. The advent of the formaldehyde-free textile coating printing system NEOVIPRINT 507 will greatly enhance Yuhui's leading position in the field of textile super soft coating printing products.

Antique Brass Bathroom Faucet
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Antique Brass Bathroom Faucet

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