Five taboos for laying solid wood flooring

According to relevant department statistics, there are problems in the actual use of solid wood flooring, more than 50% is due to improper laying, and only 5% belongs to the quality of the floor itself. It can be seen that whether the laying process is reasonable or not is the most important factor that affects the effectiveness of the floor. Relevant experts reminded owners that they should avoid the following mistaken laying methods.

The ground is not leveled: the unevenness of the ground will cause some of the floor and keel to float, and sound will be heard when stepping on.

The keel is not moisture-proof: the dry wood keel has a moisture content of around 25%, and the qualified wood flooring moisture content is generally 12%. The humidity difference is too large to quickly absorb moisture on the wooden floor, causing the floor to arch and the paint to burst.

Too loose or too tight: As the temperature and humidity of the environment change, the wood floor will expand or shrink. Therefore, when laying the floor, the tightness of the assembled wooden floor should be reasonably arranged according to the ambient temperature and humidity of the place of use. If it is too loose, there will be a large gap in the floor contraction. When it is too tight, the floor will arch when it expands.

Fix with nails: In the construction, fixing with wooden wedges and nails will cause the nail holding force to be insufficient due to the small contact surface between the wooden wedge and the nails, which can easily cause the looseness of the wooden keel. When treading on the floor, it will appear. sound.

The project has a cross: During the construction, the floor is first spread, and then other constructions are performed on the floor. This is the usual practice of the current decoration team. However, after the floor is laid, it often takes a month or more before it can be polished. During the period, there were no isolation measures for water vapor and chemicals on the floor and surrounding environment, which may cause the wooden floor to be deformed and cracked due to the rapid change in water content.

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