Explosion-proof lighting applications

With the rapid development of industries such as petroleum, chemical, and mining, lighting fixtures have become more widely used in production, storage, and rescue. How to prevent the occurrence of flares in lighting fixtures has become a very important issue in explosive gas risk situations. As the lighting fixtures inevitably produce electric sparks or form a hot surface during operation, once they meet with the blasting gas mixture produced or rescued, they will cause the onset of blasting events, directly endangering the national property and citizens' life safety. Therefore, as the most widely used lighting fixture, its explosion-proof technology problem has long attracted everyone's extensive attention and a high degree of attention. Choose aluminum alloy shell, surface spray; lighting, emergency dual-use; built-in protection-free nickel-cadmium battery pack, active charging under normal power supply, event power off or power failure on the emergency light active lighting; steel wiring; emergency dedicated lights in normal Lighting and emergency lighting are independent; lighting emergency dual-use lamps, normal lighting and emergency lighting share a single lamp body and the light source is independent.

Applicable range 1. Suitable for explosive atmospheres in Zone 1 and Zone 2 in blasting gas environment; 2. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC blasting gas environment; 3. Suitable for flammable dust environment 20 area, 21 area, 22 area; 4. Applicable to the temperature range of T1 - T6 explosion-proof lights show (11) explosion-proof lights are generally selected according to the light source, explosion-proof structure type, application methods for classification. According to the light source classification, there are explosion-proof incandescent lamp, explosion-proof high-pressure mercury lamp, explosion-proof low-voltage fluorescent lamp, mixed light source lamp, etc.; explosion-proof lamps, increased safety lamps, composite lamps, etc. Explosion-proof lamps and portable explosion-proof lamps.

According to the explosion-proof type, it can be divided into flameproof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, non-spark type, and dust explosion-proof type. There are 5 primary types, which can also be combined by other explosion-proof type and the above-mentioned various explosion-proof types or composite type and exceptionally. type.

Flameproof type d

The components of the device, perhaps with the frying gas mixture, are all enclosed in a shell whose shell can receive any joint or construction void through the shell, the flammable mixture penetrating into the shell is blasted inside without damage, and can ensure the interior The flame gas drops energy when it is conveyed through the gap and is not enough to detonate the shell gas.

Zeng Anxing e

Electrical equipment that does not experience arcing or sparking under normal operating conditions adopts some additional measures to proceed with its safety, avoiding potentially dangerous temperatures, arcs, and sparks in its internal and external components, and further constructively. Protection measures, reliable function and safety function of traveling equipment.

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