Explain the technical standards of fire safe

According to reports, the “fire safes” widely used in the world refer to “paper fire safes”. Their international standards are in the fire scene at 1000 degrees Celsius. The warmth in the cabinets should be kept below 180 degrees Celsius. At least one hour, the paper is not carbonized and the writing is legible.
Explain the technical standards of fire safe, and the most advanced "disk fireproof file cabinet" whose international standard is in the fire scene of 1000 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the cabinet should be maintained at 52 degrees Celsius or more, at least an hour, so that the disk Not damaged. Information can be completely saved and read immediately. In order to reduce the cost, safes sold on the market are generally made of cold plates, and are completed through a series of processes such as sheet metal processing—welding and forming—filling and foaming—pre-treatment—spray painting—assembly and the like. Due to the poor adhesion of the painted surface, and the rustiness of the safe made from the cold plate is difficult to solve, the appearance quality is difficult to guarantee.
Tiger brand safes are made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet, spray-molded and unique foaming filling technology. It has the following advantages:
1, due to the use of galvanized steel, the product is not easy to rust.
2, the spray surface has better adhesion than spray paint, and does not contain harmful chemicals such as benzene.
3. Filled foam adopts a new process of foaming and then filling, and fills pores with a pore size of 0.1mm to 1mm, which is more resistant to moisture and stable fire performance than foams produced by traditional techniques. , (Traditional pre-filling foaming process produces approximately 1 to 3 mm pores and open pores, which tend to reduce fire resistance due to moisture exposure).
4. The weight of the safe is controlled by adjusting the bulk density of the mud so that the product quality is stable.

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