Do not forget to buy solid wood flooring manufacturers to install the package (Figure)

First, as long as the purchase of solid wood flooring manufacturers, they will provide paving services.

First, manufacturers are familiar with the characteristics of wood flooring, according to the characteristics of the wood to take the appropriate laying program, if there is a problem in the future, the manufacturers bear all responsibility and compensation, no longer involved construction teams and vendors, consumers can also worry Labor saving. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a manufacturer who can provide paving services when purchasing flooring.

Second, paving accessories quality assurance, low prices

Paving the floor by the manufacturers, not only the installation of a high degree of specialization, paving quality guaranteed, and the price of the paving is basically between 35-45 yuan / square meter {"including the keel (larch), floor nails (beauty Solid nails, moisture-proof pads and other accessories } and labor costs; without the need for accessories, the production of surface pavement prices between 10-12 yuan / square meters. Many are being renovated, few people know "The concept, after learning about this kind of paving method, expressed that they would choose these manufacturers to serve themselves when paving the floor, eliminating the need for worry and making the renovation easier.

The decoration process becomes transparent.

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