Detailed explanation of smart home control system and home intelligence system

In the 1980s, the wind of smart homes was blown into China. With the rapid development of the real estate industry, the improvement of the national economy and the level of science and technology, especially the rapid development and improvement of computer technology, communication technology, network technology, and control technology, contributed to the The family has realized modernization of life and comfortable and safe living environment. The entire industry is also popular in the north and south. With a few years of market accumulation, the smart home industry has made considerable progress. Domestic smart home development is now in a period of growth. The demand for individual users is clearly growing every year. We would like to consult directly to purchase terminal products for smart home products through the Internet. The number of people continues to increase.

Today's smart home systems have richer content, which has a great impact on our family lifestyle, allowing people to enjoy a safer, more comfortable and more convenient life in their homes. The living environment is more in line with environmental protection requirements. The high-skilled smart life makes the configuration of the smart home control system more and more high, and brings unprecedented challenges to the realization of the functions of the smart home control system, but it also creates opportunities for the development of the smart home market.

Detailed smart home control system:

The intelligent home control system is based on the transmission network of HFC, Ethernet, field bus, public telephone network, and wireless network as the physical platform, the computer network technology as the technology platform, and the field bus as the application operating platform to form a complete set of home communication and family. Automatic control of equipment, home security and other functions of the control system. Smart home systems usually consist of system servers, home controllers (various modules), various routers, cable modem head-end equipment CMTS, switches, communicators, controllers, wireless transceivers, various detectors, various sensors, and various Execution agencies, printers and other major components. The overall goal of the smart home control system is to establish a comprehensive information service and management system from home to community and even to the entire city through the use of computer technology, network technology, control technology, and integration technology, in order to improve the high-tech residential content and residential environment Level.

The basic functions of the smart home control system:

Smart home control system includes intelligent home appliance control, smart lighting, intelligent remote control electric curtain, burglar alarm, access control intercom, fire alarm, gas leak detection, remote meter reading (water, electricity, gas) system, network communication, video on demand and other systems .

The smart home control system brings convenience to our lives:

Save money: When you don’t need it, your home’s energy consumption equipment can be turned off automatically, which can reduce your cost of living.

Easy to use: The intelligent system provides a remote control interface. When you go out, you can also adjust and control home appliances through the phone or the Internet.

High security: In the emergency situation, the smart home system can prevent bad people from intruding and alarm in time, effectively ensuring the safety of your home.

Change your lifestyle: You can work from home, stocks at home, foreign exchange, futures, teleconferences, shopping at home, and home training.

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