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Cutting heat and cutting temperature for bearing machining

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Cutting heat and cutting temperature are another important physical phenomenon in the cutting process of imported bearings. The cutting heat causes the cutting temperature to rise; the workpiece is thermally deformed. It directly affects the machining accuracy and surface quality of imported bearing data. Cutting temperature is the main factor affecting the durability of the tool. Therefore, the attack and change rules of cutting heat and cutting temperature are discussed; it has very important useful meaning.
Imported bearing data The onset and outbreak of cutting heat, under the cutting effect of the tool; the elastic deformation and plastic deformation of the cutting layer metal; this is a source of cutting heat, together. In the chip and rake face; the conflicting work between the workpiece and the flank is also converted into heat? This is another source of cutting heat. The heat of cutting is conducted by the chips, the workpiece, the tool and the surrounding medium. According to the thermodynamic equilibrium principle, the heat of the attack and the heat of the transfer are equal.
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