Cloth sofas are often clean and protect family health

Cloth sofas not only make the living room more welcoming, but also soft and comfortable, which is very popular. However, compared with a smooth leather sofa, the fabric fibers are more prone to retain dust and dirt, and are also prone to moisture absorption. If it is not cleaned frequently, the fabric sofa may breed mold and mites, pollute the living environment and affect health.

Moreover, the sofa is not only the family, but the guests come and sit. Sometimes I ran outside for a day, and I was sitting on the sofa with my ass. I might have been sitting in the same position in my pajamas. The sofa became a place where bacteria spread.

According to experts, to keep the sofa clean, the most important thing is to regularly remove dust once a week, first use a dry towel to beat, remove the dust, and then wipe the cloth with a wet towel. If there is a vacuum cleaner in the house, the dust removal effect will be better, but do not use the suction brush to prevent damage to the woven thread on the woven fabric. It is also necessary to avoid suction with a large suction force, otherwise the woven thread may be torn off. The vacuum cleaner can be fitted with a flat suction head to adjust the suction force to medium strength to remove dust from the slits of the sofa. Either way, the armrests, cushions and gaps of the sofa are the areas that need to be cleaned.

When the surface of the sofa is stained, use a clean rag or water-based cleaning agent to wipe from the outside to the inside until the stain is removed, but do not scrub with plenty of water to prevent water from seeping into the inner layer of the sofa, causing the frame inside the sofa to be damp and deformed. Easy to breed mold.

In addition, the cloth cover of the sofa should be removed and cleaned once a year. It should be noted that the cleaning agent must be thoroughly washed off, otherwise it will be more susceptible to dirt. When the weather is fine, remove the detachable cushions, cushions, etc. into the sun to eliminate moisture and kill mold.

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