Neodymium(NdFeB) magnetsare made from Neodymium, iron, boron(ND2Fe14B) and few other rare earth elements .With four main production processes including raw material melting,powder making,mould pressing and sintering , they become the semi-finished products and finally they will be machined and coated to be the finished parts.

The main characteristics:
1)higher remanence(Br);
2)higher Coercivity(Hci) and energy product(BH);
3)lower Curie temperature(Tc). The main Applications: Wind generators, DC motors, servo motors, air conditioners, medical equipment, VCM, mobile phones, speakers and magnetic holding and seperation systems etc.

Production Facilities
Melting Furnaces-25Kgs Capacity(9)/100Kgs Capacity(1)
Melt Spun Furnace(1)- 600Kgs Capacity
Airflow Milling Machines(3)
Moulding Machines- 30Tons(6)/60Tons(6)
Isostatic Press Machines(2)
Sintering Furnaces(10)- 300Kgs Capacity
Crushing Machines(2)
Cutting Machines(50)
Drilling Machines(15)
Grinder Machines- External Grinder(4)/Internal Grinder(3)/Ground Grinder(3)
Wire Cutting Machines(30)
Lathe Machines(10)
Break Corner Machines(8)
Plating/Coating Production Lines- NiCuNi Coating Line(1)/Zn9Trivalent) Coating Line(1)/Epoxy Coating Line(1)

Inspections Before Shipment
Criteria: GB/T2828, AOL Sampling Program
Quality Management: Referring to ISO 9001: 2008
Magnetic Property(Demagnetization Curve) Test
Sizes and Tolerances Inspection
Magnetic Flux Test
Surface Gauss Test
Plating/Coating thickness Test
Salt Spray Test

Packaging & Delivery
Magnets that only passed inspections will be packed and shipped to our customer.
Production will usually take 15-30 days for an order. Delivery will take another 15-30 days by sea shipment to America and Europe customers.



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