Buy wallpapers do not include stickers? It does not matter, I teach you!

I remember Xiao Bian just working that time would like to decorate his simple rental housing, so when buying a bunch of wallpaper and accessories online, they found that they will not be posted, but unfortunately only the outside, please help the master to paste, the wallpaper takes 170, but the artificial After spending 200, the Xiaobian's heart is collapsing... This chestnut is intended to tell everyone that this kind of work is actually very simple. If you can, you will not feel very passive. The lesson that Xiao Bian wants to teach today is how to put your own wallpaper. A wallpaper definition First, wallpaper material analysis The material of wallpaper can be divided into two kinds of paper and plastic. There is also a difference in the back-adhesive part, of which “self-adhesive” is the easiest to use because it is already coated with an adhesive behind the wallpaper and can be affixed as long as the bottom paper is peeled off, but be careful that it is difficult to modify once it is affixed. . Another type of "dry adhesive" has a dry paste on the back of the wallpaper. When it is used, it can be pasted with a brush or a sponge. There is also a completely "no glue" wallpaper, construction is more difficult, but the relative choice of materials and patterns are also more, we will introduce the wallpaper construction paste below, hoping to help you instantly change Your living space makes it a romantic room! Second, remove the old wallpaper steps Step one: Pour the wallpapering agent into the sprayer and spray it on the old wall. Step two: Use the blade to scrape off several cuts on the wall surface so that the wall covering agent can penetrate easily. Step 3: After about 3 minutes, remove the old wallpaper with a wallpaper knife. Perfect Construction Tips: Clean the wall surface when affixing new wallpaper, and remove the old wallpaper. As for the paint surface, you should first make it up. Because the wallpaper is a long strip, when spreading the wallpaper glue, it is recommended that the wallpaper be folded in an S-shape while painting to save space. The wallpaper must be top-down, left-right, and must be consistent. The wallpaper that does not correspond to flower overlaps about 1-2cm at the overlap of each long wallpaper. As for the wallpaper of the flower, it must be adjusted according to the color. When the wall paper touches the wall, it has a switch cover. Handling method: The wall surface is still full and flat. After all the stickers are finished, the utility knife can be cut along the cover of the switch cover. If the wall surface is very uneven, it is recommended to add before the sticker. Paste a liner, but it is not absolutely necessary. The treatment of small bubbles: At present, most of the wallpaper paste is very convenient, and it is not easy to produce bubbles. However, if there is a small bubble, fine bubbles can be used to squeeze out the air, and then it can be flattened. Third, paste the new wallpaper step 1, the wallpaper glue slowly diluted with water. 2, adjusted to the appropriate concentration. 3. After the adhesive is evenly applied to the wallpaper with a glue brush, place it in an S-shaped pair for 10 minutes. 4, pay attention to the pattern when pasting wallpaper. 5, and then use a flat brush to brush flat, pay attention to the top of the wall surface when you need to set aside 3-5 cm, in order to facilitate adjustment. 6, level again with a plastic scraper. 7. Flatten the seam section with a roller. 8. After the adhesive is dry, cut off the excess with a blade. Matters needing attention: Most people think that DIY is a very hard job. For example, wallpaper is always considered to be a complicated matter. It must be done by professional workers. This is not the case. DIY is not different from men, women and children. So, as long as you are willing Try it, everyone can do it. Fourth, DIY paving wallpaper steps 1. The old paint on the original wall is scraped first. If it is an old wallpaper, it must be torn off first, and then the scraper should be used for cleaning. 2. If there is a cave in the original wall, the hole must be filled with soil, and then the hole is scraped after scraping to make the wall flat. 3. Measure the size of the wall and the size of the paper. If it is a wallpaper, each time it is pasted, it must be neat. 4, after the final cutting of the wallpaper, the special glue on the wallpaper, evenly gluing with a roller or a brush, and then on the wall, these movements are inertial, which, some places to pay attention to, such as: wallpaper after gluing, At the edge of the brush or roller brush from the inside to the outside, absolutely can not be brushed from the outside, because when the wallpaper is fixed inside and outside the brush, how much there will be gaps, the gap between the air, so that the wallpaper after brushing, there will be wrinkled Pleat, so must brush from the inside out. 5, in addition to wallpaper, the brush paint, for example, the same reason, do not brush the paint when the direction is not the same, if it is up and down brush, it is the direction from top to bottom above the main, such as the left and right brush, also So, when the directions are the same, the color will be exactly the same, there will be no traces, this is a small place to pay attention to paint.

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