A detailed interpretation by professionals: anti-theft devices are not more beneficial

Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and automobile anti-theft systems are becoming more and more advanced. From simple mechanical anti-theft to electronic anti-theft systems worth tens of thousands of dollars, car owners are willing to "carry the blood" to arm their cars and seek peace of mind.

Generally speaking, vehicle anti-theft systems can be simply divided into mechanical anti-theft devices, electronic (electromechanical) anti-theft devices, and networked electronic anti-theft systems. Everyone is familiar with mechanical anti-theft devices. They usually do not require professional installation, after-sales service is simple, and the price is cheap. Electronic anti-theft devices are both simple and complex, and are mainly based on a variety of commercially available car anti-theft alarms. The vehicle anti-theft alarm system is composed of the vehicle's anti-theft and networked anti-theft, and the owner's investment is relatively large. Some car owners are eager to car, and are not worried about the simplicity and ease of use of the original anti-theft equipment, so they spare no expense to "rectify" the anti-theft system and add various anti-theft equipment.

Experts said that many cars are already equipped with anti-theft devices assembled by the factory when they leave the factory. From simple door locks to high-precision fingerprint recognition and intelligent anti-theft starting and locking systems, they already have strong anti-theft capabilities, especially It is some new models, basically will install the advanced anti-theft system suitable for the model. But many car owners often think about how to strengthen anti-theft capabilities. Experts point out that this must first understand the anti-theft capabilities of the original anti-theft device. At present, many vehicles do not simply use locks for anti-theft. Manufacturers will design and install anti-theft devices according to the characteristics of the vehicle. It is well integrated with the vehicle and is also as convenient as possible for the owner to use.

So if more anti-theft devices are available, security experts point out that the more anti-theft devices are, the better. First of all, car owners must pay more for this; second, overlapping functions make it inconvenient for car owners to use; and finally, if not installed properly, the anti-theft function is reduced, destroying the structure of the original system and weakening the function. It is recommended that the performance of the original anti-theft device should be evaluated first. The key is to make anti-theft alarms, control the engine, and high precision. Otherwise, adding other anti-theft systems to the vehicle to improve the protection capability is an option.

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