4 types of side suction hoods rated well in 2016

Compared with top-suction range hoods, side suction range hoods are a popular type today, and today we take a look at the bosses, Fantasy, Shuaikang, Vantage these four brands of hoods, the selection of these four fumes Machines are also quite popular side suction range hoods. Let's compare th-----

What types of cabinet pull baskets?

In the process of designing the internal structure of the cabinet, people prefer to use the basket design. The cabinet pull basket can not only increase the storage space, but also facilitate people to pick up the kitchen supplies, and it is also very beautiful, but there are -----

Tile knowledge

Tile knowledge: 1. Before the concrete floor is tiled, the base layer should be chiseled, the depth of the chiseling is 5-10mm, and the spacing of the chisel marks is about 30mm. After that, the clean floating ash, mortar, oil stains, and the production of scattered water brush will be less o-----